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Welcome to the San Jose City College Language Lab


The San Jose City College language lab is located in the General Education Building in GE-209B (see campus map).


Hours of operation:

The lab will be open from Monday through Thursday. We are closed Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and school holidays. There are always some "holes" in the schedule and the lab may be closed at certain times of the day. Please be sure to check our schedule (online) -- and posted on the window of the language lab at GE-209B.


Using the lab:

In order to use the lab and check out materials, you must be enrolled in a language course (Spanish, French, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Japanese or ASL) in order to be able to use the lab. No exceptions. You must be able to provide proof of enrollment if asked.

If you want to use any books, CDs, DVDs or any other materials in the lab, you will need to bring a valid SJCC Student ID Card with a picture. You may obtain your card at the information center in the Student Center.

Unless you have written permission from your instrutor, all lab materials must be used in the lab. No materials may be taken home. If you have checked out any lab materials, be sure to return them and collect your Student ID card when you leave. Otherwise, if we have your card at the end of the semester, we will assume that you did not return the materials and your grades will be held until the item(s) is/are returned, replaced, or paid for. You will not be able to register for any more classes until the item(s) have been accounted for.


Hardware available in the lab: